Eat & Drink

The Maltese gastronomy is unique all over the world due to the fact that many dishes have been adopted and adapted from different cultures (Arab, British, French, Italian and Spanish). In restaurants, they serve a lot of pasta, pizzas and sugar pastries or with almond paste.


Pastizzi: they are the most well-known Maltese speciality. Nobody can come to Malta and leave without having tasted them. Ricotta, peas paste, and chicken are the most common fillings.

Bigilla: is a tasty bean paste. You need to taste it together with some traditional galletti, a type of traditional cracker


Aljotta: this fish soup is one of the most traditional Maltese dishes. The main feature of the Aljotta is that it is extremely rich with garlic as well as tomatoes, vegetables, and accompanied with some rice.

Kusksu: this soup is composed with fresh beans and peas with gozo cheese, the gbejniet.

Minestra: a legume soup with potatoes, onions, cabbages, zucchini, tomatoes, pasta, lens and chickpea.

Soppa tal-Armla: means widow’s soup. This dish consists of a vegetable soup with the traditional ġbejniet and ricotta.

Kawlata: this dish is a typical vegetable soup with cabbage and pork. It is a must for all those visitors who want to taste a typical Maltese dish originated from the Arabic culinary tradition.

Main Course:

Braġioli: they are rolls of beef which are filled with bacon and boiled eggs. They are prepared in a tomato sauce with some.

Timpana: this simple dish is basically baked macaroni. Fried aubergine, boiled eggs, and grated cheese can be added to it so as to make the dish even more appetising.

Torti: these are typical Maltese pies which can be filled with ricotta, eggs, parsley, bacon, or peas.

Majjalata: this is the traditional Maltese hog roast and represents one of the most characteristic culinary activities on the island.


Torta-tal-lampuki: it’s the great speciality of the island made with this very popular fish lampuki that is prepared in crust with spinach, cauliflower and nuts on a shortcrust pastry.

Octopus: it’s eaten in tomato sauce to accompany the pasta or stew

Seafood: it’s served fried or stuffed, or as an accompaniment to the famous spaghetti di mare


Fenek: it’s one of the favourite dish preferred by the Maltese. You can eat this in stew or sauce, with potatoes or pasta. It declined in torta-tal-fenek, marinated rabbit and cooked in a sauce with red wine, then served in crust. The fenek mogli is a fried rabbit seasoned with garlic and bay leaves, cooked in white wine.

Lamb: is a very popular dish, especially cooked over a wood fire Siena Biz-zalza pikkanti: it’s a beef tongue served with a caper sauce


Figolli: they are typical of the Easter period. They consist of an almond pastry with marzipan and adorned with icing. They are prepared in different shapes.

Ħelwa tat-Tork: consists of a traditional sweet consisting of a rich mixture of almonds and nuts.

Kannoli: similar to the Sicilian ones, they are made of a fried pastry shell which is filled in with ricotta and candied peel.

Kwareżimal: this is a traditional sweet of the Lent period (hence its name from Quaresima, the Italian word for Lent). It consists of a dense and rich pastry with almonds and nuts.

Prinjolata: it is a typical Carnival sweet which is made of iced sponge cake, biscuits, almonds, candied fruit, and topped with cream.

Maltese wines:

Thes variety and quality of its wines are also a reflection of the richness of the Maltese gastronomy. The two most famous indigenous varieties of Maltese wines are Ġellewża (red wine) and Għirgentina (white wine).
Different companies and denominations exist on the island. Overall, there are five principal winemakers in Malta, namely:
  • ● Marsovin
  • ● Emmanuel Delicata
  • ● Camilleri Wines
  • ● Montekristo
  • ● Meridiana
Ta’ Mena and Tal-Massar are two other important wine producers in Gozo.

Maltese wines:

Undoubtedly, the national drink par excellence is Kinnie. This carbonated soft drink has a unique bittersweet taste due to the fact that it contains numerous aromatic herbs.
As regards beers, Cisk is definitely the most famous and appreciated Maltese beer. Drinking a cold Cisk is an experience in itself and is actually a must for everyone coming to Malta. Other renowned local beers are Hopleaf and Blue Label.
Finally, it is ideal to end a meal with Limunċell, the Maltese version of the Italian Limoncello. A good alternative is a Zeppi’s Bajtra, a local liqueur of prickly pears.