Information & Transport

For European citizens: an ID or Passport. If the stay is more than 3 months, you have to apply for a Residence permit at the Citizenship and Expatriates Affairs Department (St Elmo’s Square a la Valletta)
For Canadians: passport available 3 months after the departure from Malta
For Swiss: ID or Passport available during the stay
For Belgian: ID or Passport available 1 month after the departure from Malta
For minor children: own ID or Passport
For Foreign students: for more than 3 months you need a Passport and take steps to extend your stay

Bank and money:

  • - A Malta, we use the Euro.
  • - There are 2 principals banks: HSBC and the Bank of Valletta
  • - In front of some banks there is an automatic exchange machine and rate is the same than in the bank
  • - Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Budget (to have an idea)

Cheap: less than 12€
Average price: from 12€ to 18€
Chic: from 19€ to 25€
Very chic: more than 25€


Mediterranean climate with dry summer tempered by sea breezes and mild and sunny winters. We can swim in the sea from April to October and practice nautical sports during all the year.
The best season to travel a Malta is during the spring because it’s not too hot. Autumn is also a good season, the weather is nice

Health and security:

Medical care in Malta is available through both public and private hospitals ; the quality of medical care in Malta is excellent ; suggest to take before your departure, all necessary measures according to your country of residence ; pharmacies are found throughout the island and open during normal shopping hours.
Good to know: Sunday’s newspaper indicate duty pharmacy (open from 9am to 12:30pm a Malta and from 7:30am to 11am a Gozo)
For European citizens: ask the European Health Insurance Card available for 2 years and it’s free. Call your social security center or connect to its website that will send you within two weeks.


  • - Nougat
  • - Honey
  • - Olivia oil
  • - Herbal liquor
  • - Wins
  • - Models of sailboats and luzzu
  • - Blown glass objects
  • - Lace

Practical life:

  • - three-pin rectangular plug system is used, as in Britain so don’t forget a power adapter for your electronic equipments
  • - There are a lot of WI-FI hotspots in different cities and also in public transports