Places To See

Surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily, Malta is a small country which has a fascinating heritage. Under the scorching sunshine, Malta’s palm-tree fringed landscape is dotted with picturesque hilltop towns, peaceful seaports and old fishing villages. Trough walks in various cities, you will only be amazed by the beauty and the calm of the Maltese Islands. You can find a list here of places not to be missed:


The capital of Malta is a wonderful city with an important heritage. The entire town is testimony to the grandeur of the Knights of Malta. Before entering in the city center you will be amazed by the imposing Triton Fountain. After that, enter in the downtown area by the Gate. Start your tour of Valetta at Saint-John’s Co-Cathedral. This 16th century church was built by the different Orders of the Knights. You will be surprise by the awe-inspiring interior with its opulent gilded décor. Continue your visit going through the Piazza San Gwann, the Carmelite Church and stop to the Manoel Theatre reputed to be Europe’s third-oldest working theatre and the oldest theatre still in operation in the Commonwealth of Nations. You will be impressed by a pale blue trompe-l’oeil ceiling that resembles a round cupola. Walk in the narrow streets that will take you all to the seaside and visit Fort Saint-Elmo to have a beautiful view on the sea and participated to a guided visit in the National War Museum which has a superb collection of items which takes you back to the prehistoric times. Take a rest to the Lower Barrakka Gardens or in the Upper Barrakka Gardens dated back to the 16th century. There are several memorials and historical monuments within the garden premises. You can also enjoy a panoramic view on Birgu, Kalkara and the Grand Harbor. You will be able to see what your next stop is.

We advise you to visit also the Church Saint-Publius, Saint George’s Square, Santa Barbara’s Church and the Fish Market.


Officially named Vittoriosa but popularly as Birgu is another fortified city. Birgu was the first capital of Malta during Knights. Start your tour in the waterfront boardwalk where there are luxurious yachts and visits the Fort Saint-Angelo. Dominating the tip of the city, Fort St-Angelo has always been a great importance because of its tragic position. The fort has emotional significance for the Maltese people thanks for his role during the Great Siege in 1565. In this city you can also visit the Oratory of the Crucifix, the Bir Mula Heritage Museum, a unique jewel showing the development of Maltese houses through the ages, Phillip’s Church, Gardjola Gardens.


Named also the “Silent City”, you will be wowed by a distinct mood as it presents an ideal combination of medieval and baroque architecture and also by the silence. It’s a fortified city in the northern part of Malta also served as its capital from ancient to medieval times. Away from the hustle bustle of a dazzling city, the lanes of Mdina offer great relaxing ambiance with stunning architectural gems. In the top of the city you will be amazed by a 360 degrees panoramic view of the island until the sea.


Charming and atmospheric, this city is an ancient fishing village in south east of Malta famous for its waterfront. Traditional low-rise houses along the waterfront and as striking fleet of brightly hued fishing boats docked in the harbour create an alluring picture. If you want to live like a Maltese, you can buy fresh fish every Sunday morning in the fish market. You can find also lots of other items such as fresh produce, honey and other local goods.

Dingli Cliffs

Sitting pretty on a plateau at an elevation of 250 meters above sea level, Dingli is a picturesque village and the highest point of Malta. The most exciting part of Dingli Cliffs apart from the height is a collection of mysterious cart ruts on the rocky surface of the cliff top. These ruts are still unexplained and though there are several theories determining the cause. Enjoy the unparalleled views and try guessing what might have caused the ruts: slide car . Sledge? Wheeled cart?

Mnajdra and Hagar Qim

The best and most evocative of Malta’s prehistoric treasures, Mnajdra and Hagar Qim are the megalithic temples with a breathtaking setting atop sea cliff offering a stunning view of the islet of Filfla. Both the temples are located at the distance of 500 meters from each other and there are recognized as two of the most ancient religious sites on Earth.

Blue Hole & Azure Window

Two geological phenomena in one precarious locale. A popular scuba diving and archaeological site, Azure Window is a huge limestone formation in the shape of an arch in the Maltese island of Gozo. Blue Hole is yet another striking geological formation – a vertical chimney of limestone which is about 25 meters deep with an underwater arch connecting with the open sea. In the year 2011, a few scenes of Games of Thrones were filmed here.

The Blue Lagoon

This is a must-see and the best beach in Malta. Its crystal-clear turquoise waters makes us believe that we are in the Caribbean. A little piece of paradise. This lagoon gives the impression that you are in giant swimming pool because its waters are so calm and the shallow end is safe enough for children. Swimmers will enjoy the perfectly temperate and clean water of the Blue Lagoon.

The three cities

These cities are largely unvisited making them great places to soak up regular life in Malta. Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua have been inhabited more or less since people arrived on the island. The Three Cities were also the original home of the Knights Hospitallers. If you are there during Easter, don’t miss their incredible parade!

Ile de Gozo

Little sister of the island of Malta, Gozo unfolds a radically different way of life, marked by its rural temperament, its charm remained intact, its haunting serenity. And of course, her cats, almost as numerous as her inhabitants. Between relaxing walks and tanning sessions on its splendid beaches, a multiplicity of visits await you, allowing to approach more closely the cultural and historical heritage of the archipelago.


Comino is a small idyllic island of 3km2, between Malta and Gozo. It’s very sparsely populated, dotted with arid lands. Its authentic character marries its heavenly potential. You will enjoy as much of its many historical visits as its sublime landscapes, not to mention its extraordinary diving sites.